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My First. . Fetish Experience:
This is a place for Kinksters to write in and share the moment when their life was changed by their first fetish experience. 
Like a butterfly unfolding it's fetish wings for the very first time, to take flight from numb normality to kinky sexuality.
Where, when, why and how you stepped over that tantalising threshold.

The experience which signified you going from pre-Fetish to post-vanilla. 
Now the biggest vanilla influence in your life be that of a relaxing fragrance released by the flickering flame, of a calm candle. 
Whilst fetish being that roaring, raging, ferociously blazing fire, in your sexual heart.

Society oppresses fetish, deep from Within, 
Anything above the norm, is deemed a sordid Sin, 
Freezing so many people with outright frigid Fear, 
Despite natural urges, they dare not go Near. 

Kinksters realised this line in the Sand,
Was only made by a stick in a Hand,
With one bold step, we did Cross,
Those that stayed, how great their Loss!

'My First' can be anything between a short story or paragraph of glory.    
And for the bold ones, an accompanying foto would be a nice personal touch.

If you'd rather stay anonymous, then of course the name can be of fiction, as long as the story is of fact!

Entrants as with all viewers to this site, must be strictly adults!
There will be a regular monthly competitions, random ones and big end of year ones too!
All featuring fetish prizes, including items of Fetish clothing or tickets to Fetish events.
Entries are based on one person/email address per competiton.
With multiple entries, the first answer is your chance to win, all that follow, feed a hungry bin.

These are the friends of Fetish Forever!
It's because of their continual loyal support, that this site not only stays open but stays open for free for all viewers to enjoy.

So why not click their link, have a browse, be aroused and give into temptation by treating yourself or a loved one, to some of their kinky products.

Fetish Flag:
A theme that's quite prevalent throughout this site, is to show a Kinkster's nationality, this is to highlight how truly international and widespread the Fetish World has become.
Rather than just to inform, which emblem adorn, the front of their passport. 

The differing flags of our birth will differ as do our very own personal flag of fetish but whether your Fetish-Flag be made from latex, leather or the lashes weaved from a whip, that flag is flown high in our inner sky, on the mast that be our sexual spine.

I've been enjoying Fetish parties since 1988, having had the up close and personal pleasure to see it go from an 'UnderWorld', to around the 'Around World' it is now. 

Becoming the Fetish Beast upon we all do a Feast.

Luke Lenz.

    A warm, wild, welcome to Forever Fetish!

The Name: 
Well, once you're Fetish, you're Forever Fetish!

For when your fetish Seed,
Has had it's first Feed, 
There'll always be a Need,
As you born of kinky Breed!

Step back some may, from time to Time, 
For the duration to read this Rhyme,
Others go wandering for a Mile,
All return home, to end their Exile!

You can run but you can't Hide,
From your relentless kinky Side,
Build no dam to hold it's Tide,
Surf it's waves, enjoy the Ride!
Foto's of Fetish parties from around the World.

Here be a gallery of acknowledgement to 'The Faces of the Fetish World'.
Those that in their own way and to their own degree, have from within help shape and build this Wonderful World of Fetish to the place it has become and continues to be. 
This doesn't only mean the Kinksters who have or had a working position of influence so to be able to work directly from the inside, it will also include those party-people who always dress up, bringing that special kinky vibe with them, adding to any event just by being there, by being themselves.
It be no parade of the Elite, 
For when we sit, we all have Seat, 
So every kinkster is ready and Able, 
To wine and dine at the Fetish Table.

Now every hive has a hierarchy but the kinky B's in this gallery, will be positioned in a deliberately random order.

Where ever possible, a foto whilst at a fetish party is to represent the kinkster because this is where we all come together as one.

This gallery is constantly & continually being added to, just in case you're wondering where is . . . . . for they soon come.
A gallery of Fetish themed photography from international photographers.
A gallery of Fetish themed art, in any genre other than photography, from international artists.
Some iconic, some ironic, whether distinctive or distinguished, many of the Fet-Worlds finest events have been immortalised and idolised by their flyers, them often being the most memorable image of the party.

Plain and simple they did Start,
Progressing on to works of Art.
The sign of the times caught by Flyer,
Decades of style in fetish Attire.

Piecing together the history of Kink,
Determined to find our missing Link,
We're no species on the Brink,
A rubber vessel that cannot Sink.

Remember our roots and respect the Past,
This be the way the spirit will Last,
Once ridiculed and slandered, we were Aghast,
Now the flag of Fetish flies proudly on it's Mast!

The pioneers, the trailblazers who helped to carve a path for all future kinksters to follow, would have been present at some of these events and with nostalgia being such a powerful instrument of emotion, they'll sure to feel the strings on their heart being played like an Angel on a harp, or . . . . . . a Dirty Devil on a Drum!

It be a trip down memory lane for the golden-guardians, or stroll along the winding path of enlightenment for the newer generations, that now can so openingly embrace the way of the Kink, bringing new energy, ideas and inspirations.

You know, just 2 decades ago fetish parties were severely scorned and mocked by the masses, antagonised by the authorities and poison penned by the press.

How well things have changed for the better!

If you have any flyers that maybe suitable, send them to:
Flyer Fame:
'The Hall of Flyer Fame' tracks and lays out the history of fetish parties as they happened throughout the years in the guise of their flyers
See how these evolutionary events unfolded, spanning over 3 decades and counting!

Each one like a ring in a (Rubber) tree, marking another milestone of a moment, all being stepping stones of time that marches right up to the doorstep of today. 
In depth interviews consisting of full bodied Q&A's, like chatting around a campfire upon a beautiful beach, with it being accompanied with a gallery of the guest, or of their work.
    * Copying or using any material on this website, without prior written permission is strictly prohibited *
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